Hello, my name is Tantum and I make music.

At the age of 12 I got my first electric Guitar and began writing and experimenting with music. 5 years later I visited a Techno festival and fell in love with Electronic Music. As I started to Dj on small events and eventually began producing my own tracks, I started the music project "Tantum".

My music has a wide variety of influences and genres, mainly Techno and Tech-House. My workflow contains Analog synths and lots of self-made samples.

At my live shows I play my own tracks, a selection of classics as well as more or less unknown Techno tracks. I often play instruments, such as guitars or synthesizers at my live shows.

Every now and then my shows contain live visuals from my friends over at Kabasaiko.

If you like my work you can support me by Donating here.

Music Samples